Formula 1: Verstappen puts Red Bull at the forefront of Bahrain’s third trials


Red Bull Max Verstappen driver scored the fastest timing in the third and final test session of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the 15th round of the 2020 season of the Formula 1 World Championship, beating the Mercedes duo.

After the Mercedes team, with Lewis Hamilton, outperformed the first and second test sessions on Friday at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Verstappen showed an advantage in the last tests session before heading to the qualifying session this evening.

All drivers used combinations of soft tires in these trials, with the finishing touches being put in place for the qualifying session and completing trials with a small amount of fuel.

With the use of the first set of frames the superiority was in favor of Verstappen, who scored a timing of 1: 29.318 D.

But Verstappen’s lead continued until the Mercedes paired with the second sets of soft tires, with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas showing good performance.

Hamilton advanced to first place with a score of 1: 28.618d, but his lead lasted for a short time, with Verstappen heading to the ring with a new set of soft tires as well.

Although Verstappen faced a minor problem in the rear wing, which was shaking during the activation of the DRS reduction system, the Dutchman showed a strong pace, with his timing at 1: 28.355d, to ensure that the first test session finished first, and surpassed by 0.263 s on Hamilton, while Bottas finished third, 0.3s off the lead.

As for Verstappen’s colleague in the Red Bull team, Alexander Albon used a new chassis for his car in these trials after the violent accident he suffered in the second test session, and his delay continued, as he came in fourth place 0.6 seconds off the lead.

The McLaren duo came in the top ten, with Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris in the fifth and seventh respectively, and Norris had separated the Alpha Toure duo Pierre Gasly and Danielle Kviat, who uses a new power unit, in the sixth and eighth places, respectively, and Kaviat surpassed the Racing Point duo. , With Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez completing the top ten.

The Renault duo were on the cusp of the top ten, with Daniel Ricciardo in 11th place in front of his colleague Esteban Ocon, while Antonio Giovinazzi was separated, in favor of Alfa Romeo, in 14th place between Ferrari duo Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in the 13th and 15th places, respectively.

George Russell was the best driver for Williams in 16th, beating Haas Roman Grogan and Kevin Magnussen duo in 17th and 18th, while Kimi Raikkonen came 19th in front of Russell’s teammate Nicholas Latifi.


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