For trademark owners .. A new feature of Instagram to make a profit


Introducing the site of photos and videosInstagram“, A new update, described by some as not in the interest of the user, and is limited to a certain category of users.

The new update concerns more business ownersTrademarks, And is of little use to the user in anything, according to the “Times News Now” technical website.

He indicated that the new update for Instagram allows for the possibility of placing Trademarks On short video clips on his Rails service Instagram Recently, it looks a lot like the popular TikTok app.

The new update is working on setting Trademarks On the platform of the platform, whether on the services “Live” or “Rails”, which allows business owners to obtain greater deals for their products offered, and this service also includes the possibility of having ads for content related to the trademark published by it.

“We want to ensure that creators are able to clearly disclose their products and brands, regardless of the type of marketing they choose,” said the company, “Facebook”, the owner of Instagram.

The report hinted that ordinary users and non-owners Trademarks They will not be able to take advantage of that feature which is only intended to monetize “Facebook”.

It was a popular photo and video site.InstagramIt has recently launched new features and technologies to combat bullying, in an effort to encourage its users to behave well with each other.

It is decided to stop these technologies, the spread of any hateful comment that includes obscene or sordid words, and warns the user against continuing to use those words in his comments, according to the technical site “Engadget”.

On the other hand, the site provided “Instagram“, A new technology that allows those who are being bullied, to automatically hide any comments similar to this one that contain words that are offensive to them.


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