For the first time in 8 centuries, the world awaits an “astronomical encounter” that everyone will see


The two planets began approaching each other since last summer, and it is expected that they will appear at a later time, and the distance between them has become less than the distance of the full moon.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the two planets will reach this degree of proximity, immediately after sunsetWhen the winter solstice occurs.

And it is expected that this scene will be visible from any point on the planet, but those at the equator will be more able to observe it.

In the British capital London, for example, the two planets will be close to the horizon, an hour after sunset, and this telescope observation will be possible between the 16th and 25th of next December.

He will not return The two planets To get close to each other, to this degree, except on the fifteenth of the year 2080, at which point they will be at a point higher than the earth, and their visibility will be possible for a longer period.

After that, the convergence of this way between the two planets will not happen again until 2400, that is, after many centuries.

The researcher said in astronomy At Rice University in Texas, Patrick Hartigan, these two planets are very close to each other.

The American academic added that the approach is an exceptional event, given the large degree of proximity expected next December.

He pointed out that these two planets will look like a double moon on December 21, and the distance between them will only be about 20 percent of the full moon’s diameter.

And everyone who uses the telescope will see each of the two planets, in addition to their moons, during the same evening.


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