For the first time, an international team has obtained plasma similar to that in black holes



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An international team of scientists, including those of the Russian Mevi Nuclear University, obtained for the first time in laboratory conditions a plasma that could be compared to that of black holes.

The scientific team published the results of their research in Physical Review E.

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Scientists at the Russian “Mevi” nuclear university said that analyzing X-ray sources is one of the most important methods of astrophysics. As for the disks that surround black holes, they are a sure source of ultra-intense X-rays, knowing that these discs are a hot, plasma-shaped substance that falls onto a black hole.

For the first time, scientists were able to create a limited amount of matter that resembles disk material surrounding any black hole.

“Astrophysics has been considered for centuries as a theoretical science specializing in observations of the planets, stars and the universe in general,” said Philip Korneev, assistant professor of the Department of Plasma Studies at the Russian Nuclear University, “Miffy”. The uniqueness of our experience is that the plasma specifications that we obtained in laboratory conditions fit Characteristics of the material near the “Swan X-1” black hole.

The Russian scientist said that the strong magnetic field, whose magnetic excitation rate is thousands of Tesla, is a pivotal factor that causes the formation of X-ray emitters of this type. He added that the purpose of the experiment is to test the method of creating such magnetic fields inside the plasma.

It is noteworthy that the international team of scientists participating in the experiment included scientists from the Japanese “Osaka” and “Bordeaux” French universities, as well as scientists from the Russian “Miffy” Nuclear University.

Source: Novosti


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