For a better experience … a European airline converts economy seats into beds (photos)


The German company Lufthansa is testing a new experiment called “Sleeper’s Row” that aims to convert aircraft seats in the economy class cabin into beds for sleeping.In details, the company began testing this feature on its Boeing 747 aircraft between the German cities of Frankfurt and Sao Paulo, Brazil, to expand its adoption in the future.

Through this experience, passengers will not only get a rest but will be able to pay an extra amount for a full row of three or four seats when traveling in economy class, which no one else will be able to sit in.
In addition, the airline will allow passengers to board the plane before the rest to make their “bed” and they will also have their own mattress, pillows and blanket.It is expected that the prices of these special seats will reach about $ 263, but the company will offer a special price as well, and sometimes it will be forced to reduce the number of passengers.

It is worth noting that Lufthansa is not the first airline to test the beds, as Air New Zealand earlier this year revealed details of a prototype they were working on to get a suitable flat bed in the economy class cabins.


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