Focus, cunning, and a thirst for victory … Conte’s recipe for defeating Real Madrid


Milan – Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte said his team will need a mixture of focus, thirst and cunning when they face Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday in a must-win match to have a chance to surpass the group stage.

“After our last results, we don’t have a lot of chances so this is a final match. But we know that when we need to win, we do it,” said Conte, who trailed his team in Group Two with two points from three matches.

He explained, “We need seven points, and maybe nine to qualify. This is the most difficult group and we deserve to be in a better position at this stage. But having said that, if we do not get good results we must try to understand why that is. By being humble and focused we can win.” Match. ”

Conte acknowledged that Inter, who have been plagued by a checkered season in the Italian league and the Champions League, needed to take a step forward in terms of efficiency and quality.

He added, “It is about concentration, the thirst for victory and cunning. We must stop talking, and everyone should be responsible: beginning with me, the players and everyone in the club.”

The Italian coach added that his players are accustomed to dealing with criticism and pressure, and he said: “When you play in big clubs it becomes all positive or negative. Maybe a few players did not prepare for that last year, but if you want to stay at Inter, the only way to do that is mastery on the field.” Otherwise, you have to leave for a smaller team, then you can live a quiet life. ”


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