Finally, the Corona virus “has stopped growing” … for this reason


Yesterday, Friday, British health officials announced that the outbreak of the new Corona virus that causes “Covid 19” in the country may have stopped increasing, for the first time, three months ago..

The government scientific advisory committee stated that the “rate R”, meaning the number of people to whom the virus is transmitted from one infected person, ranges between 0.9 and 1.0.

This number means, on average, that for every 10 people infected with “Covid-19” disease, between 9 and 10 others will be infected..

In the event that the number is less than one, the number of new infections will decrease, according to Reuters

But the epidemic situation varies from one region to another in Britain, as infections are likely to be stable, or on the rise in London and southeast England, but they are declining in the northwest and northeast, which previously recorded the highest infection rates..

Coronavirus cases decreased in Britain during the summer, but increased again in the fall.

The government imposed a 4-week national lockdown in England, on November 5, to curb the new increase.

It is scheduled to replace it next week with the system of special restrictions on regions.

And Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own measures to confront the Corona epidemic, which appeared in China late last year, and then turned into a global pandemic.


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