Fifteen years after he retired from boxing, Tyson draws in a show fight against Jones


Retired American boxer Mike Tyson, former world heavyweight champion, showed that he is still strong when he returned to the ring after a long wait and completely outperformed his rival Roy Jones in a show match in Los Angeles last night, but – against all expectations – ended in a draw. .

The match lasted 8 rounds between the boxers without any referees outside the ring to score points, but the World Boxing Council asked some referees to score points remotely.

The American competitors in this match are over 50 years old.

Tyson, 54, said after the confrontation, “I am happy with this performance and to continue with this activity and moving forward.”

The last match at the level of professionalism Tyson fought was 15 years ago, in which he lost to Kevin McBride, but he dominated completely against Jones (51 years), and the two boxers hugged at the end of the match.

“This is more than just a match,” Tyson said. “We care about humanitarian matters and help people.”


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