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Anthony Fauci, chief US infectious disease expert, said today, Thursday (November 12, 2020) that COVID-19 will not remain a pandemic for “a very long time,” thanks to rapid progress in vaccine development.

A few days after the American company Pfizer and the German company Biontec announced that they had reached a vaccine with an effectiveness of 90% against the emerging corona virus, Fauchi, a member of the cell formed by the White House to fight the epidemic, revealed that a second vaccine “is about to be announced.”

Moderna, a US biotechnology company that is working with the US National Institutes of Health to develop a vaccine, has confirmed that it expects to file an urgent licensing application for its product with the Food and Drug Agency in late November.

According to Bloomberg News, the director of the US National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergy said at an event organized by the British Chatham House Research Institute that the emerging corona virus may nonetheless remain an epidemic for a long time.

Fauci warned that “the strike force is coming, but do not be complacent,” adding, “The support is coming, but it has not arrived yet,” calling for wearing masks and washing hands regularly.

He explained that the vaccines that will be reached will be accessible to the poorest countries, stressing that “one should not live or die according to the place where he was born.”

In early November, Fauci faced harsh criticism of the US administration for its strategy in combating the epidemic, and President Donald Trump has since then sought to eliminate it. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon went so far as to call last week for the beheading of several federal bureaucrats, including Fauchi, before Twitter shut down his account and was banned on YouTube.

But the American scientist expressed his readiness to continue working for the administration, at a time when Democratic President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take over the presidency in January.

He believed that the epidemic reminds of the need for coordination at the international level in the field of health, stressing that leaders “ensure that international bodies such as the World Health Organization are effectively strengthened.”

Fauci said, “It is not an ideal organization that has its loopholes. But the world needs a global health organization,” while Biden has already confirmed that he intends to cancel President Donald Trump’s decision to remove his country from the organization.



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