Facebook ad tool faces a complete failure!


Facebook is facing a catastrophic failure in its advertising tool Conversion Lift.

Reports indicate a bug in the code for Facebook’s free Conversion Lift, which affected several thousand advertisers.

For nearly a year, advertisers using Facebook’s latest ad tool have been unwittingly receiving error data.

The discovery of the flaw led Facebook to provide millions of dollars in credits to some advertisers, to compensate for a miscalculation of the number of sales derived from ad impressions.

Advertisers use Conversion Lift studies to measure the growth of their Facebook ads and make decisions about their Facebook spending.

The level of compensation offered by Facebook varies depending on the advertiser’s spending, and in some cases the error means that the advertiser will receive compensation worth tens of millions of dollars.

The tool has not been fixed for up to 12 months, with the issue still occurring between August 2019 and August 2020.

The Wall Street Journal says: Facebook this month told advertisers about the technical issue with its calculation of the effectiveness of ad campaigns, which has misrepresented the data that advertisers use to determine how much spend on its platform.

The problem is particularly affecting certain categories, such as retail, as this year marketers have increased Facebook spending by between 5 and 10 percent during the early stages of the pandemic.

The sources noted that the problem affects media advertisers and Facebook competitors, as the tool could affect where marketers choose to spend the budget.

Facebook said last week that it fixed the bug on September 1, and is working with affected advertisers.

A company spokesperson said: While making improvements to our measurement products we found a technical issue that affected some Conversion Lift tests, and we have fixed this issue and are working with advertisers who have been affected.

Facebook confirmed that it is providing one-time credits for advertisers affected by the issue with its latest ad tool, adding that the impact occurs depending on how the tool is used.

It did not confirm how many advertisers were affected by the studies due to the year-long technical glitch.


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