“Exports”: “Made in Saudi Arabia” to be launched in the first quarter of 2021 – Saudi News


The Saudi Export Development Authority launches “Saudi Exports”, in cooperation with its partners in the industrial system, the “Made in Saudi” program by the first quarter of 2021, according to a specific vision to support the national product and make it the best choice for the consumer, and a clear message of standards to enhance confidence in the national product and activate its role. In developing the non-oil domestic product by raising consumer loyalty to national products and services, based on its role in achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 economic vision aimed at diversifying sources of income for the national economy and enhancing the status of the Saudi product according to the highest standards of reliability and excellence.The Secretary General of the Saudi Export Development Authority, Eng. Saleh Al-Salami, indicated that the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program is a national project and one of the initiatives of the National Industry Development and Logistics Program, which aims to transform the Kingdom into a leading industrial destination in the world.

The Kingdom seeks, through the “Made in Saudi” program, to launch a unified identity to promote Saudi products and services in the local and international markets. The program contributes to drawing a positive mental image of the Saudi product among consumers and enhances the citizens and residents’ desire to consume, prefer and cherish the Saudi product.

The “Made in Saudi Arabia” program contributes to stimulating investments within the industrial sector in the Kingdom, thus consolidating the sector’s position on the global map, enabling the Saudi product to compete locally, regionally and internationally, and enhancing its role in raising the proportion of the Kingdom’s non-oil exports from 16% to 50% of non-GDP. Oil by 2030.


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