Expensive … Apple plans to launch AirPods Studio headphones in March


Some leaks indicated that Apple company AirPods Studio will launch earphones early next year, as the shape of the upcoming headphones icon was detected in the latest beta version, which carries the number 14.3 of the iOS system.

According to “trustedreviews”, some new leaks have mentioned that the AirPods Studio headphones are expected to be announced at an Apple event in March 2021, and the beta version of iOS 14.3, which was launched last Thursday, shows a symbol similar to that. Limit the previously leaked images of the design of the headphones.

And the American leaker “John Prosser” revealed the price of the upcoming AirPods Studio headphones, in a tweet through his account on Twitter, as the headphones are likely to come at $ 599 for the luxury version (equivalent to 9367 Egyptian pounds), while it will cost for the sports version made with Cheaper materials: $ 350 (equivalent to 5,473 Egyptian pounds).

The dotted icons indicate that the headphones will be available in two colors, which are black and white, and another icon appeared in the beta version of iOS 14.3, which resembles the leaked images.

Bloomberg stated that the headphones will contain some unique features with two versions in production, one with made of leather, and the other aimed at fitness wearers, and comes made of lighter materials, and offers two earmuffs connected to the headband by metal arms, which simulate the design of headphones from my companies: Olufsen, and Bang.

The design is consistent with the description indicated by the previous leaks, as for the unique features of the earpiece, as it will include proximity sensors to control the playback, along with the U1 chip to perceive the direction, and the expensive Apple headphones will also bring a USB-C port, along with the wireless charging feature, and from The expected battery life is around 20 to 30 hours.


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