Exercise “Show my breast how” … “Watch” what the Saudi fascist Model Rose did boldly and exposed itself!


The Saudi Fashionista Model Rose aroused public ridicule by showing her buttocks and chest under the pretext of exercise and fitness.

Model Rose appeared in a video monitored by “Watan”, performing a full-body muscle exercise, she said, during which she wore athletic shorts, and a sports bra as well, and began by supporting her feet on the wall and jumping backwards, which made her chest exposed in a scandalous way, in addition to my posture. Her buttocks that she deliberately pointed out.

The tweeters suggested to Model Rose that the exercise be called “Show my chest how I stand,” stressing that it is a failed attempt to show the “silicon” in her chest.

Others saw it as an attempt to gain views and lead the trend, so one of them wrote: “It seems that the views have become few.”

The Saudi fashionista Model Rose does not cease to provoke controversy with its scandalous clips and nudity in order to gain followers in a cheap, vulgar manner, exposing it to a sharp attack.

Moodle Rose earlier appeared in a clip she posted on her Instagram account with a completely changing profile, where the video, which was filmed without a filter for the face, showed very thinness in her face, in addition to the change in the color of her skin than normal, which shocked her followers severely.

Social media leaders shared the video, in which Rose appeared while on a yacht in preparation for a diving trip, where she wore a swimsuit and exposed her body in a scandalous way.

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