“Exclusive” series Bride of Beirut Part Two Episode 38 || An earthquake in the Fares family and a disagreement with Soraya and her mother


The Bride of Beirut seriesDear followers, through our distinguished website “Catrolonia News”, in the great Arab world, from the ocean to the Gulf. We are pleased to meet with you tonight through this article about the famous Lebanese series The Bride of Beirut, which has become one of the most followed series by the Arab citizen. The series looks at family interference. In the choices of their children for the wife’s life partner, and that interference caused many problems between husbands, and may ultimately lead to separation between husbands, and the series includes many Lebanese and Syrian actors.

Episode 38 of the Lebanese series The Bride of Beirut

The story of the bride of Beirut episode 38

The events of the series revolve around a young man from a rich, aristocratic family named Faris in the series starring the artist Zafer Al-Abdi “and between a girl from a simple family that has a love story that ends with marriage, but marriage is the beginning of the end of this story. She controls the reins of power in the house, and with the increasing problems between the wife and father-in-law, the spouses separate, and then after Zalek, both of them discover that they cannot live without the other, so they bond again.

The events of episode 38 of the series Bride of Beirut

With the announcement of Episode 38 and the dialogue taking place between Faris Al-Batal, Thuraya’s husband, and lawyer Adel, followers of the series began to wonder about the significance of this call, so that one of the followers of the series from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tweeted on the social networking site. From his lawyer to go through the divorce procedures again from Soraya.

Heroes Bride of Beirut

The heroes of the Beirut Bride series celebrated the birthday of the artist Zafer El Abidine, the hero of the series, last Thursday, and the artist Zafer published a video clip of the celebration through his personal account on the Instagram social network for the birthday party, and the series participated in the series by artists Kamen Basibas, the artist Mohamed Al-Ahmad and many artists.

The date and channel that broadcast the series

All fans of the series can follow it on the MBC channel Egypt at nine o’clock in the evening Cairo time, ten o’clock in the evening Mecca al-Mukarramah, eleventh in the Emirates time at a frequency of 11470 on Nilesat, the polarization coefficient, the vertical coding factor 27500, the correction factor 5/5.


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