European countries are reopening shops and the situation is getting worse in the United States


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                With the decline in the number of infections and the severity of the spread of the Corona virus in the old continent, all stores reopen their doors in France on Saturday, which makes merchants breathe a sigh of relief as Christmas approaches, and some European countries will implement similar measures.  On the other side of the Atlantic, the situation is getting worse in the United States, where the epidemic is raging most.  And Los Angeles, the largest city in California, decided to ban most public and private gatherings, with the exception of religious ceremonies and demonstrations.

                                    <p>As the severity of the emerging corona virus subsides, part of the <a target="_blank" href="أوروبا/20201123-فيروس-كورونا-أوروبا-تكشف-عن-خططها-لتلقيح-السكان-بداية-من-شهر-ديسمبر-المقبل" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>European countries</strong></a>  He opened his stores at the weekend.  While Los Angeles in the United States, where the epidemic is raging, has banned the majority of public and private gatherings.

Authorities in the largest city in California (western) said, “All public and private gatherings of individuals not belonging to the same family are prohibited, except for religious ceremonies and demonstrations” for a period of at least three weeks until December 20.

وعلى The other side of the AtlanticOn the contrary, the situation is improving, prompting the authorities to ease some restrictions. All stores reopen in France on Saturday, making traders sigh of relief as Christmas approaches.

“We are very happy,” said Sophie Pato, manager of a toy store in Villeneuve-Dusk, in the north of the country. Shops can only open until 21:00 due to a curfew, while respecting a strict health protocol.

In Poland, shopping centers reopen on Saturday. On the other hand, the Irish and Belgians will wait until Tuesday to open stores again, but the decline of the epidemic in these two countries is confirmed.

“The efforts and sacrifices of each of us have succeeded. They saved human lives,” the Irish Prime Minister said, via public RTE.

“The situation in our country is improving … but it is important to maintain this trend,” said his Belgian counterpart, Alexandre de Crowe.

From Sunday, three new Italian regions will lift restrictions, allowing non-essential stores to reopen. However, in the regions of Lombardy (north), Piedmont (northwest) and Calabria (south), restaurants and bars will remain closed, as is the case in France and Belgium.

Magna Carta

In Cyprus, the authorities decided to extend curfew hours from Monday. In Turkey, a curfew will be imposed according to age, starting from Saturday.

In Britain, Wales will tighten restrictions on bars and restaurants to limit the spread of the virus before Christmas. This came after a new lockdown decided by Northern Ireland and the return of England to a three-level warning system.

However, not all British people like this. A hairdresser near Bradford in northern England has become a symbol of anti-lockdown on social media, based on Magna Carta, the historical document establishing modern democracy in Britain. She was imposed a cumulative fine of 17,000 pounds for keeping her salon open despite a four-week closure decision, starting in early November in Britain.

About 61 million cases of Covid-19 have been officially recorded in the world since the start of the pandemic, and more than 1.4 million people have died.

On Friday, Mexico recorded a record number of injuries within 24 hours, exceeding 12,000 for the first time in one day.

“Cyber ​​Mandai”

The United States remains the most affected country in terms of deaths, with 264,823 cases. On Friday, the disease Covid-19 reduced the usual scenes of the large crowd waiting in lines in front of stores on the big sale day “Black Friday”.

The turnout came this year, especially via the Internet. Americans spent on the Internet Friday 6.2 million dollars a minute, a total of 4.5 billion, according to a census published Friday evening by the informational “Adobe Digital Insights” company. The company said that “Black Friday” and “CyberMandai”, which follows next Monday “may record the largest sales over the Internet in history.”

The United States is not alone in still suffering from the heart of the second wave of the epidemic. In Tokyo, the authorities required establishments that serve alcoholic drinks, including karaoke clubs, to close their doors at ten in the evening from Saturday for a period of three weeks.

Japan has been relatively immune so far from the epidemic, with more than two thousand deaths and 135,400 injuries, according to official figures, and it has not imposed lockdown measures as in other countries. But it now faces a record number of daily injuries.

In other countries of the world, the economic cost of the pandemic continues to rise dramatically. On Friday, India announced a 7.5% drop in GDP between July and September in the second quarter of its fiscal year, thus entering a technical recession for the first time since its independence in 1947.

This giant Asian country, in which nine million injuries were recorded, is the second most affected country in the world by the pandemic in terms of the number of infected people, after the United States.

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