Europe announces the date of the vaccination campaign against Corona


“There is a final light at the end of the tunnel,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said, adding to EU lawmakers that “the first European citizens may already be vaccinated before the end of December.”

But she warned that member states must urgently set up logistical chains to dispense hundreds of millions of doses Vaccines.

We are talking about millions of syringes. We are talking about cold chains. We are talking about organizing vaccination centers. We are talking about trained personnel who are there. You name it, ”Von der Leyen said, warning that all of this should be. Be ready.

Nevertheless, the official urged European citizens to continue respecting the restrictions, even as the measures hurt companies and worsen the economies they have shattered. Corona VirusAnd it puts people in social and mental difficulties.

“With nearly 3,000 deaths a day, (Covid 19) was the first cause of death in the European Union last week,” she said, adding: “Hospitals are still under pressure and in some areas are crowded with intensive care units.”

And she warned that “we must learn from the summer and not repeat the same mistakes. Excessive relaxation is a risk for a third wave after Christmas,” adding that “this Christmas will be different, and yes, it will be calmer.”

The European Union’s executive arm, the Commission, has agreements with six potential vaccine suppliers and is working on a seventh contract.

The deals allow UNHCR to purchase more than 800 million doses, more than the bloc’s population of around 460 million people.

And Brussels said, on Tuesday, that it would sign a contract for up to 160 million doses of the experimental coronavirus vaccine it had developed.ModernaThe American company says it appears to be 94.5 percent effective, according to its preliminary data.


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