Erdogan’s spokesman and Turkish Interior Minister infected with Corona – one scientist – outside the borders


Both the spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Minister of the Interior announced that they had contracted the new Corona virus, according to “Sky News Arabia.”

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said, via Twitter, that he had reached “the last stage of treatment for the Coronavirus, but he did not clarify the date on which his infection was confirmed.”.

He continued, “I am in a very good position.

It is worth noting that his statements came hours after Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu announced that he had been transferred to the hospital, on Friday, with his wife and daughter, who were also confirmed to be infected with the virus..

The two officials meet regularly with Erdogan, who went to Izmir, on Saturday, to inspect the damage caused by the earthquake that killed more than 35 people in Turkey and Greece..

The Turkish president has not shown any signs of illness, who is constantly undergoing a “Covid 19” examination, while he maintains an intensive program that often includes several daily televised speeches..

The number of deaths from the virus has exceeded in Turkey 10 Thousands of people this week, but the authorities have so far refrained from re-imposing lockdown measures such as those witnessed in countries such as Britain, France, Greece and others..



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