England prepares to lift lockdown … and now “old restrictions”


Office confirmed Johnson Plans to start a nationwide COVID-19 vaccine program next month, assuming that regulators will approve a vaccine against the virus.

The government will also increase mass testing to try to suppress the virus so vaccines can be introduced.

On Saturday evening, the Prime Minister’s Office said the government plans to return to using a three-tier system of local restrictions in England, with regions facing different lockdown measures depending on the severity of the outbreak. It added that more communities are expected to be placed in the top two categories of virus warning.

And position Johnson government England is in lockdown for 4 weeks starting on November 5th. The cabinet is set to discuss the plans on Sunday, and the prime minister aims to present the details to parliament on Monday, according to the statement.

It is noteworthy that the closure was announced in England On October 31, after public health officials warned of a massive spike in daily new infections with the virus Corona Threatens to overwhelm the National Health Service as the winter flu season approaches.

The closure has disrupted non-essential businesses such as many shops, gyms, bars and restaurants, although food is allowed outside. Most social gatherings were banned, but schools remained open.


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