Emirates News Agency – The “Karate Federation” adopts the agenda for the new season’s competitions … and launches the digital transformation of all practices


DUBAI, November 24, WAM / The Board of Directors of the Emirates Karate Federation has approved the agenda for the competitions of the new sports season 2020-2021, in light of the recommendations of the Competitions Committee that have set the dates and regulations for each championship, taking into account the application of all precautionary measures approved by the General Sports Authority and the competent authorities in the country, And the security and safety protocol that was developed by the committee in charge of the matter in the federation headed by Eng. Hamid Shams.

The clubs were approached to host the tournaments according to the proposed dates, with the addition of kumite competitions in the two championships of the General League and the Cup of His Highness the President of the State.

This came during the meeting – which was held yesterday remotely – chaired by His Excellency Major General Nasser Marzouq Al-Razooqi, who also witnessed the review of the dates specified for the opening and closing of the registration and registration door for the new sports season in coordination with the Competitions Committee, and reviewing the National Olympic Speech regarding the participation of national teams in Sports Games 2021, where the President of the Federation recommended that all required reports and budgets be prepared on time and submitted to the National Olympic Committee in this regard.

With regard to the security and safety protocol for supervising the return of sporting activity and competitions, which includes the precautionary measures guide for the International Karate Federation and the General Sports Authority, it has been recommended to document the precautionary measures before and during the championships.

The Council also approved the application of the full digital transformation of the Union and the implementation of the electronic system program after approval of the contract of the company implementing the program. The expert, Mohamed Abbas, Director of the Federation, was assigned to organize a seminar on doping, in which the specialists from the National Anti-Doping Committee will participate, and all coaches, referees and players will attend in the coming weeks. The Council reviewed the successful steps taken by the national teams in the safe return of training.

The attendees praised the adoption of the International Karate Federation of the Articles of Association of the Emirates Federation, and it was reviewed during the meeting in its Arabic and English versions, and it was decided to address the General Sports Authority with this. It was also decided to hold a press conference to announce the details of this important step.

WAM / Amin Al-Dubli / Dina Omar


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