Emirates News Agency – Emirates Nuclear Energy and its operating company, Nawah Energy, are organizing a Supplier Forum


ABU DHABI, November 21, / WAM / The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and its subsidiary Nawah Energy Company responsible for operating and maintaining Barakah peaceful nuclear power plants organized a “remote” supplier forum, which brought together representatives of a variety of companies based in the UAE and an elite group of suppliers. Nuclear energy and a number of employees of the corporation and its subsidiaries.

The forum presented the requirements and conditions for accreditation within the list of nuclear suppliers at Nawah Energy Company, in order to meet the evaluation methodology of the “Nawah” quality assurance guide, in addition to reviewing the opportunities for providing goods and services to Barakah peaceful nuclear energy plants that will be available during the coming decades.

The forum comes within the framework of the continuous efforts made by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and its operating arm, Nawah Energy Company, to contribute to the development and development of the local supply chain, which enables the supplying companies to meet the requirements of operational services and provide spare parts and consumer needs in order to support the construction and operation of Barakah plants according to the highest standards. Safety, quality, safety, efficiency and reliability for the next sixty years and beyond.

The forum, which was organized remotely, also comes in the wake of the recent approval by the Corporation’s Nawah Energy Company, “ADNOC Distribution”, as the first local company to provide petroleum products to the Barakah peaceful nuclear power plants that are being developed in the Al Dhafra region in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADNOC Distribution joins 73 companies. Local approved by the business and industrial development team at the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the quality control team at Nawah Energy Company, to supply products to Barakah plants that adhere to nuclear energy specifications.

The nuclear energy sector is characterized by its commitment to the highest international standards of quality, technical specifications and risk management, as the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and its subsidiaries work side by side with local and international companies to ensure their commitment to the advanced requirements of the peaceful nuclear energy sector.

To date, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has awarded more than 2,000 local companies contracts totaling 17.5 billion dirhams ($ 4.8 billion).

All suppliers to Barakah Peaceful Nuclear Power plants are required to meet safety and quality standards consistent with the strict regulatory requirements of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, which have been adopted in the “Nawah” Quality Assurance Manual, which adopts a tiered approach in which all departments and services are classified under four categories, where the category represents / Q / Safety standard, which includes the highest required quality standards, while Class / T represents safety impacts, while Class / R / Reliability impacts and Class / S / Industrial standard represent.

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation team for the development of commercial and industrial businesses, as well as the quality control team at the Nawah Energy Company of the Corporation, have cooperated with many local companies, including Emirates Steel, National Cement Company, Dubai Cable Company / Ducab, National Marine Dredging Company, Borouge and West Baynouna Group. General Contracting & Partners Contracting / Hilalco / to ensure the development of its standards in order to meet the requirements of the list of approved nuclear suppliers.

WAM / Ahmed Jamal / Emad Al-Ali


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