Emirates Airlines offers its customers homemade products


Emirates Airlines announced that, from December 2, it will provide delicious local products made in the Emirates on its flights.

The partnership with Marzam, the distinguished chocolate maker in Dubai, allows Emirates Airlines passengers to taste homemade desserts with traditional Emirati flavors with a modern twist, at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

Emirates Airline first-class passengers and business travelers will enjoy the Emirati white caramel porridge, inspired by local dessert flavors, and the dark milk chocolate with Emirati truffles that mimic the flavor of the traditional crunchy pie. Economy class passengers will enjoy flavors of dark Indian chocolate, dark milk chocolate with sea salt, and white caramel porridge with cardamom.

SMEs are an important tributary of the UAE economy, and they are familiar with local tastes and trends.

More than 1,600 small companies and local suppliers have played a major role in Emirates’ in-flight offerings and in various activities, providing a wide range of products and services that have defined the Emirates experience over the years.

In addition to “Marzam”, which is just an example of the many local suppliers that Emirates does business with every year, the airline also deals with local brands, such as “Foret & Galland”, which makes chocolate by hand according to French traditions, and the famous “Coco Jalila” With classic European-style chocolate stuffed with Arabic flair

Emirates Airlines dealings with local producers gave a big boost to small and medium-sized companies inside and outside the country, as these companies benefited from presenting their products to the global travel audience.

Among these products, the premium Arabic coffee and dates from the Bateel Trading Company. Emirates Airlines has been receiving first-class passengers with dates and coffee for more than 15 years, and it provides annually more than 5 million pills on airplanes and in private lounges.

Other local products include Mai Dubai, which supplies more than 54,000 liters of water on Emirates aircraft every day.

The tanker is also working with Barakat, which provides more than 9000 liters of various fresh juices daily. (Pre-pandemic figures).

The use of local corporate products is not the only way in which Emirates Airlines highlights the rich culture of the United Arab Emirates, as the airline provides, through its innovative information, communication and inflight entertainment system. ice International award winning, more than 36 Emirati channels showcase national talents, ranging from Gulf musicians and world-famous DJs, in addition to filmmakers.

Emirates Airlines is now showing the television series “My Story”, which is based on the book of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, of the same name.

Also, eight Emirati films are currently shown on the entertainment system, including “In Our Home is a Hero” and “My Life Wishes”.

Emirates Airlines is collaborating with the country’s environment authority to raise awareness of key regional environmental issues.

Since early last October, she has presented two documentaries on the air entertainment system, namely: «Return to the Wild Back to the WildAnd “Zayed’s lights at the pole Zayed’s Antarctic LightsInspired by the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed in protecting biodiversity in the wild, the two documentaries cover topics that include the program of restoring endangered species from the oryx to their natural habitat, the stunning biodiversity of Antarctica, issues related to climate change and single-use plastics.

This year, Emirates Airlines has also teamed up with the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center HHC And the First Radio Network to provide a set of audio cultural materials on the air entertainment system to allow passengers of various nationalities to learn about Emirati culture and traditions, which helps to enhance communication and cultural understanding.

Emirates Airlines brings its award-winning air services products from a variety of sources across its network, including potato chips from Ireland, tea from Sri Lanka, olive oil from Italy, handcrafted cheeses from Australia, and much more. Through these efforts, the airline brings the best of the world to its global customer base, while building lasting partnerships that support local communities.


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