Egypt … Yasmine Sabry fulfills her promise to “Our Lady of the Rain” (photos)




Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry published photos of her meeting with Hajja Nemat Abdel Hamid, known as “Our Lady of the Rain”.

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Yasmine Sabry, through her Instagram account, published pictures of her meeting with Hajjah Naamat, and commented, saying: “Hajjah Naamat enlivened me today at home. We drank tea with each other and spoke about many needs .. Six patient and struggling .. Our Lord has health and longevity in her hands.”

Yasmine Sabry had pledged to take care of all the needs of this lady as soon as her story was published on social media, where she took a picture of her selling a thermos in a Giza street, the moment the rain fell, which did not prevent her from continuing to sell as usual to get the money that helps her in life.

Source: Egyptian media


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