“Education evaluation”: the fingerprint in identifying female teachers for licensing testing is unacceptable – Saudi News


The Education and Training Evaluation Authority confirmed that the proofs required to enter the professional license exams for Saudi male and female teachers are: (One proof suffices) the original national identity or the original driver’s license or the original passport + a copy of the family card for teachers and teachers, and from non-Saudis (one of the proofs will suffice) The following: The original personal residency, the original Saudi driving license, the original personal passport + a copy of the personal residency, with the fingerprint card not accepted in the parameters test, and one of the previous evidence must be brought.

The commission stated that the general educational test covers general educational fields in which all teaching specialties are common, and includes 3 areas: professional values ​​and responsibilities, professional knowledge, and professional practice, provided that these areas are measured according to the 10 main criteria, namely: commitment to moderate Islamic values, and ethics Profession, strengthening national identity, continuous professional development and professional interaction with educators and society, familiarity with linguistic and quantitative skills, knowledge of the learner, how to learn, knowledge of the content of the specialization and methods of teaching it, knowledge of general teaching methods, planning and implementation of teaching, and creating interactive and supportive learning environments for the learner and evaluation, provided that the specialized test covers the fields And criteria for the structure of specialization.


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