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Various nuts, especially walnuts, pistachios and hazelnuts, are most popular because of their good taste and many benefits. Some argue that nuts lead to obesity and that they contribute to weight gain because they are high in fat. However, this belief was denied by many studies that confirmed that the fats gained from nuts are mostly unsaturated fats and are full of omega-3 beneficial for the body.

Healthy for children and pregnant women

Even if the proportion of fat in nuts, as with walnuts and pistachios, reaches more than 60 percent, the benefits from eating the nuts are much more than the disadvantages. They are high in protein, minerals and vitamins. Some essential nutrients, such as calcium, are found in nuts. Almonds, for example, contain more than 250 mg of calcium per 100 grams of it. It is a good amount to provide the body with calcium, which is beneficial for the bones and necessary for children and pregnant women. In addition, nuts contain high levels of iron, which treats osteoporosis and anemia.

The medicinal benefits of nuts are also many, the most important of which may be the prevention of heart and pancreatic diseases, as reported by the German health site “Zentrum der Geisundheit”. And small meals of nuts per week protect a person from the risk of heart attack, prostate cancer and stomach cancer.

Numerous health benefits

Scientists from the prestigious American Harvard University had shown the benefits of nuts in a previous study, and they indicated that nuts not only reduce cholesterol in the blood, but they can increase antioxidants and increase the body’s resistance to infections and various diseases.

What is interesting about the Harvard University study is that some of those who were tested ate nuts daily, up to 24 percent of the total diet. After the experiments ended, they did not gain weight, and some even lost a little.

Nuts contain high levels of iron, which treats osteoporosis and anemia.

Eat nuts pMe periods

The nutritional benefits of nuts outweigh the disadvantages, if better and by eating them. Because nuts contain little to no fluid or water, but they are rich in proteins and sugars. They are concentrated nutrients, and therefore it is not recommended to eat them until satiety because it will dispense the body from eating other nutrients.

In order to avoid the dangers of obesity and weight gain, it is preferable to eat nuts in small meals that do not exceed a tablespoon of food per day, or several small meals per week, as the “Gesundhaitstep” website advises, because excessive intake may have adverse effects on the body because of its high caloric content. Thermal.



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