Dubai Chamber donates 750 thousand dirhams in support of medical research at Al Jalila Foundation – across the Emirates – news and reports


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on behalf of the private sector in the Emirate of Dubai, announced its donation of 750,000 dirhams to the Al Jalila Foundation, one of the initiatives of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global, to support its “Basma Rashid bin Saeed” campaign to support innovations in the fields of science and medical research, which are aimed at Placing the UAE in an advanced position among countries in the world in terms of medical research.

The contribution of the Dubai Chamber and the emirate’s private sector in supporting medical research comes at a time when the world is witnessing an unprecedented pandemic that has affected all of humanity, changed all concepts of life, and highlighted the importance of investing in health sciences and developmental scientific research in order to advance the human development process..

The contribution of the Dubai Chamber will go to support and finance the latest medical studies and research, especially the research of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and mental health, as this donation reflects the leadership of the private sector in the emirate, and its awareness of the importance of medical science in improving the lives of nations, and supporting Its growth and development and the protection of humanity.

Hamad Buamim, Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the UAE, under its wise leadership, has realized the importance of science in developing countries, and the role of medical research in writing a better future for the peoples of the world, considering that the UAE was the first to invest in medical tools, research and expertise from In order to enhance the readiness of the world to face medical challenges, stressing that the recent launch of the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Medical Research reflects the country’s commitment to support global health efforts in these exceptional circumstances..

Buamim added: “The contribution of the Dubai Chamber, which represents the interests of the private sector in the emirate, in support of medical research efforts led by Al Jalila Foundation, reflects our commitment and our national and societal responsibility to stimulate and encourage these efforts for the sake of the public good and the protection of our people and our gains. Science and medical research, which is the cornerstone of our march towards making the future and the next fifty years.”

In turn, Dr. Abdul Karim Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, said: “As the United Arab Emirates looks forward to the next 50 years, the important steps we are taking as a nation in medical innovation and scientific and research advancement stand out as an inspiration to us all.” Al Jalila Foundation aims to be A pioneer in biomedical research in the region, we are very grateful to the Dubai Chamber for their generosity and support for helping us achieve our goals. Like us, they believe that investing in medical research is critical to the prosperity and sustainability of future generations. The world has undergone great changes, and we are not isolated from it. We are going through this critical phase, but we rely on science and charitable work together to save lives, as we feel proud to see the name “Dubai Chamber” on the donor plate in “Basma Rashid bin Saeed.” The world has changed dramatically and in this critical stage we are going through, we count Today, in an unprecedented manner, scientists and doctors join hands together to develop better diagnostic tests and treatments and gain a better understanding of diseases, including viral diseases that afflict humanity..”

The name of the Dubai Chamber will be written on the wall of the first automated donors of its kind in the world, which documents the donors and supporters of medical research as the leaders of change in the United Arab Emirates.



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