Drogovic wins Bahrain’s first race, Eilot drops the lead to the top of the championship standings


MB Motorsport driver Felipe Drogovic won the Bahrain Main Race, the penultimate round of the 2020 Formula 2 season, beating first-off center player Callum Ellott, and championship leader Mick Schumacher finished fourth after starting from 10th place.

The competition for first place was limited to the first place between Drogovic and ‘Virtusi’ Elot driver throughout the race, as the Brazilian had a much better start to snatch first place at the start of the race.

Immediately, the top drivers were joined by ART driver Marcus Armstrong and Prima Schumacher, the latter of whom had made an impressive start from 10th.

Schumacher avoided an accident that nearly resulted in his race after friction with teammate Elleot team-mate Joanieu Zhu at corner 5 in the first lap, which caused a fracture in the front wing of the latter’s car, which knocked out Zoe’s chances in the title battle for this season.

Schumacher overtook Armstrong to third place, after the latter’s brakes were locked on three occasions and his toughly-fitted tires slipped in the race.

For his part, Eilot managed to bypass Drogovic through the pit area to advance to first place, and when Schumacher performed a maintenance pit he exited behind the lead duo, while Drogovic immediately regained his position from Eilot at the first corner.

And Drogovic began expanding the lead at the top of the standings to cross the finish line, ahead by about 14.8 seconds, announcing his third victory of the season.

In second place, Ellot ensured that the difference at the top of the drivers’ standings reduced to Schumacher to 12 points, especially since the German retreated and finished the race in fourth place behind the driver of Karelin Jehan Darovala, who achieved his first podium this year.

Hitec driver Nikita Mazepin was fifth in fifth place, ahead of Druvala’s teammate Yuki Tsunoda, and Armstrong slipped to seventh after struggling in the middle of the race.

Prima driver Robert Schwarzmann starts first in the race tomorrow, to finish the race today in eighth place, in front of Dams team driver Daniel Tektum, while Jake Aitken completed the first ten places for the Campus team.


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