Download the new PUBG Mobile Chinese 2020 for Android and iPhone – on the runway


The Chinese Labaa is one of the most prominent electronic games on the world stage, and it is a version of the game of Peggy, which is a game that must survive and eliminate the enemy with high strategy and skill, and thus the last survivor will be the winner of the game, and a powerful group of weapons is used in combat Various so that the player can defend himself, in addition to a number of multiple vehicles to enjoy in their homes and places of attempted refuge and activate various things as a kind of attempt to survive.

Chinese PUBG game

Playable Chinese PUBG Aside from other different versions, the multiplicity of weapons on the battlefield and the championship role in the battle and this is until different battles are fought, and the last winner in the game is the one who has the largest set of weapons and materials, and all of these rosaries help the player to fight hard, whether he is against one player Or a team, and also if it plays through a team, and the players seek to survive and this is in order to win the Chinese game of PUBG, the most widespread around the world.

Link to download the new Chinese game 2020

We find that the new Chinese version is different from all international versions, as it provides players with a very suitable atmosphere to play that differs according to the weather in the country in which the player resides, for example, cloudy weather on cloudy rainy days and changes according to the weather, provides a lot of modern weapons, and for To download the Chinese game, you must enter the following link from ( HereThe game can also be updated.


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