Download Free Fire 2020 the latest version for mobile devices and computers


Download Free Fire is one of the things that Battle Royal games fans are most looking for in this period, as this game is considered one of the online electronic games, as it was released in December 2017 and was developed by (111 dots studio). The game is a sniper shooting game, as it spread quickly and stole the minds and focus of young people, and it also became more downloaded on mobile in 2019.

Besides, it has become very popular in downloading on the Google Play Store, and what is interesting is the interaction of some parents with this game to become a family game as well. As of November of 2019, we find that the game has made more than $ 1 billion worldwide.

Download Free Fire and how to play it

In the beginning, the player chooses the mode and mode he wants to play in, either solo, group or duo. Then the player finds himself in a plane with fifty players, this plane takes them to an island, and each player must choose the place he wants to land on the island. Jumping is done by using a parachute, and from here the search for the necessary weapons and equipment begins, and during the game you are attacked by opponents that you have to kill them in order to stay alive until the last time and be able to win, and you can also escape from them and protect yourself by hiding inside the houses and using the vehicles to move from a place to another.

FreeFire game features

  • Excellent graphics.
  • The map is large and many places.
  • Sound and effects.
  • The game size is rather small compared to other Batl Royale games over 1GB in size.
  • The number of players is only 50 which makes playing more easy.

Download Free Fire 2020 game

If you are a fan of adventure, you should choose places full of players in order to increase the excitement and excitement, but if you want to survive, always choose the quieter places. Also in the free fire game there are two areas, which are the red zone that indicates your presence in danger and the safe zone that includes the whole island at the beginning of the game and then it begins to shrink with the passage of time and serves as a warning message for you and from here you have to move to always stay within the safety zone because your stay Outside it means that you gradually lose your life points to death, and you can, dear visitor, download the game through the following link Here, In order to enjoy all the features that the distinctive game offers.


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