Dora celebrates her marriage to a businessman in El-Gouna tomorrow … and asks the invitees for complete secrecy


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Dora celebrates her wedding tomorrow, Monday, to businessman Hani Saad, in a hotel in El Gouna in the presence of a group of her close friends from inside and outside the artistic community.

Dora imposed complete secrecy on her wedding, as she prevented the guests from revealing the location of the ceremony, and also asked them to prevent filming, and described her wedding as very special.

Al-Masry Al-Youm learned that the wedding will take place at the “La Maison Bleue El Gouna” hotel, one of El Gouna’s most important, most beautiful and most expensive hotels.

Dora was keen to invite the artists during her attendance at the closing ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival, and among those invited were Ahmed El Sakka and his wife Maha Al Sagheer, Ghada Adel, Yousra, Laila Elwi, Amr Youssef and Kinda Alloush, Elham Shaheen, her brother Amir and his wife, Sherif Ramzi and his wife Reham Ayman, Hind Abdel Halim and her husband And Khaled El-Sawy, his wife, and others.

Dora was absent from the El Gouna Film Festival this year for the first time because of the wedding preparations, as she only attended the closing ceremony in order to invite some of those close to the artists. She even refused to make any press and television conversations so as not to ask about the date of her wedding, especially after news surfaced in In the early days of the El Gouna festival, about holding a wedding in conjunction with the festival, this is what she denied, and commented, saying: “Why will this happen?”

It is noteworthy that Hany Saad, the groom of Dora, is one of the most famous architects. He owns a company called “Hany Saad innovations” for interior designs and decorations, and is one of the most famous companies in this field.

Last January, rumors spread about his relationship with Dora after his appearance on her birthday, where he sent her a romantic message on Instagram, in which he said: “Do what makes you happy, and be with someone who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.”

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