Dolly Shaheen withdraws from the Miss Egypt jury


The Lebanese artist raised Dolly Shaheen “A crisis of the organizing committee of the selection ceremony Miss Egypt 2020 And that after its decision to withdraw completely and suddenly from the arbitration committee.

After extending the invitation toDolly Shaheen By attending the Miss Egypt selection ceremony for this year and her response to that invitation as a compliment to the competition, she sang two songs, “El Hajja Da’alek” and “I am like any girl”.

She was surprised by the poor organization in the ceremony and the lack of professionalism and decency in dealing, which prompted her to take her decision to withdraw from the competition jury.

The organizers tried to apologize to her and satisfy her, but she refused, confirming that she made her decision and will not go back to it .. She apologized to all the journalists who were waiting for her to register with her at the hotel.


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