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Several Saudi media outlets published, on Monday, the details of the terms and conditions of the new social security system, which was approved by the Saudi government last week, including a minimum income to determine who are eligible for monthly financial aid classified within the poorest groups.

The articles of the new system will be published in the Official Gazette, which is published every Friday, but Saudi newspapers and news sites have published the text of the system, saying that the new system will start gradually after 4 months.

According to the new system, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which supervises the social security system, will continue to work with the current form of the social security system, and the mechanism for disbursing financial dues, for a period of two years, in conjunction with the implementation of the new system 120 days after its publication in the Official Gazette next Friday.

The Ministry of Human Resources will have to develop plans and implement a time and geographic plan to implement the new system, which was previously approved by the Shura Council last June, before referring it to the government that approved it in turn.

According to the decision, the Ministry of Human Resources will start receiving new applications gradually, taking into account the economic, financial and social conditions, provided that the General Authority for Statistics will coordinate with it to conduct a field survey to search and evaluate the beneficiaries of the guarantee.

Article 4 of the system stipulates that applying for a guarantee is an approval by its owner to obtain all information from government agencies or the private sector in order to estimate the monthly entitlement, provided that the applicant is informed within 20 days from the date of submitting the application with the acceptance or rejection of the request. Submitting and clarifying the reason for rejection in detail.

Article 9 of the system specifies the conditions of the person entitled to the pension, as it is required that he be a Saudi permanent resident in the Kingdom in accordance with the rules of the system, and that the income calculated for the independent or family is less than the calculated limit of the pension, and that he must meet the criteria for owning and using the wealth specified by the regulation, and he must abide by By fulfilling the Ministry’s requirements related to health, education and community service in accordance with the system.

Article 10 of the system also excluded the Saudi nationality requirement from the following categories: a non-Saudi woman married to a Saudi woman, a widow and divorced non-Saudi who has Saudi children, persons with disabilities, orphans and widows with orphans who have a mobility card.

According to the new system, the family’s entitlement to income for an individual outside the city in which the family resides for the purpose of study will not be affected.

The regulation specified that the minimum pension should be determined by a decision of the Council of Ministers based on a proposal agreed upon between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy and Planning, in a manner that guarantees basic needs, while the regulation specified categories of insurance beneficiaries into three categories: a beneficiary who cannot be qualified, a beneficiary who can qualify, and a beneficiary who is unable To work.

The regulations of the new system also impose penalties on violators, including a fine of not more than 5,000 riyals or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 months, or both for each breadwinner who did not spend on his family members, provided that the Ministry receives the reports and refers them to the competent authorities.

The penalties also include imposing a fine of 10,000 riyals or imprisonment for a period of not more than a year or both, for those who unlawfully obtain the guarantee money, provided that the Public Prosecution investigates the crimes of the regime after its implementation.

The new system aims to guarantee a minimum income that meets the basic needs of every beneficiary, and to ensure that the pension reaches the beneficiaries in an efficient and fair manner, and to integrate social security pensions and other support programs, and to create a close link between them.

The new system also aims to provide support and social protection to the beneficiaries, taking into account the most needy and the most deserving.

The current social security program provides monthly benefits to about 2.5 million Saudis from the categories of widows, orphans, women with disabilities, divorced women, families of prisoners and families of drug addicts, abandoned families who are absent from her husband, Saudi Arabia, the widow of a foreigner, women who have never been married, and men who have reached old age. He is permanently incapable of work, and temporarily incapable of work.

There are many other government financial support programs in Saudi Arabia, including the “Citizen Account” program, which was established by Saudi Arabia about 3 years ago, and targets low and middle income earners, and the number of beneficiaries of its monthly payments is close to two-thirds of Saudis.

There are also a number of support programs provided to private sector employees with the aim of encouraging their companies to favor them over foreign employees, in addition to providing financial aid and training courses for those who cannot find a job within the “Hafiz” program.


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