Dima Bayaa divorced for the second time! .. What is the relationship of Asala and Nadine Njeim?


She expressed the Syrian actress Dima Bayaa, About her extreme anger at the recurring rumor of her separation from her Moroccan husband Ahmed El-Helou, Which has become the talk of social networking sites, confirming that she is tired of responding and denying, especially since she loves her husband and what binds them together is not marriage – Only – but love and affection, as she said.

Dima said in a video posted on Snapchat: “I’m tired of this talk… my husband and I have friendship, love, understanding, and needs.

Dima added, “I am the most annoyed thing the nightclubs seeauthenticity And before her Nadine Njeim.. Much sadness .. What is it. It does not make sense if you come across failed stories, we should not be like you .. Leave the world alone .. See your life and leave us alone.

And social networking sites were buzzing earlier, with news of the separation Dima Bayaa On behalf of her husband; The beginning was when the public circulated a picture revealing an offensive comment by Bayaa on one of the pictures published by her husband, in which she said: “Tvooo”.

After the spread of many analyzes about Bia’a being betrayed by Al-Helou, which prompted her to respond in this way, some criticized the behavior of the Syrian artist, considering that whatever the size of the problem between her and her husband, the best was to respect the ten and not act in this way, especially since she is famous.

After that, Bayaa decided to break her silence, with an explanation that she revealed, that this comment was not on the image of sweet, but on the comment of someone who personally offended her, except that the comments were cut, to appear as offensive to her husband.

But what is remarkable about Bayaa’s explanatory post, according to what the followers indicated, is that it carried many signs confirming her separation from her husband, where she said at the beginning: “There is no truth to what some social media circulated about my comment on a picture. Ahmed El-Helou With an offensive comment, ”Dima then decided to publish some romantic videos that she had collected with her husband, to finally settle the controversy.


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