Diana Haddad’s daughter catches the eye with her spontaneous dance with her mother


Diana Haddad published a new video clip on her page on the social networking site “Instagram”. She drew attention to her while dancing spontaneously with her daughter.

The Lebanese star appeared in the clip while participating in a new challenge on the site “TikTok”. Through some spontaneous dance moves and in a youthful atmosphere.

Diana shared the clip on her page and commented: “Today is the birthday of my soul and my sweetheart, the last of the cluster Mirh Miyari. Those who live with her are the best days of her life and childhood. May God protect you, Mama. And your sister and Shoufakm are the happiest people and give you all that you wish.

The audience interacted widely with the spontaneous clip between Diana and her daughter, who appeared to be her sister or friend, as the followers were amazed at the age, beauty and features of Diana’s daughter, which are very similar to those of her mother.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese singer is currently working to finish recording all the songs of her new album.


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