Deputy Minister of Industry: Saudi women are a strategic partner in the field of industry and mineral wealth – Saudi News


In light of the empowerment of women and opening the way for them in the industry and mineral wealth sector, and their entry as a strategic partner in the national economy, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Engineer Osama Abdulaziz Al-Zamil, in his speech to Okaz, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a great openness in the world of industry and mineral wealth according to her vision 2030, and the field became wider for Saudi women and their empowerment to enter the field of industry and mineral wealth, and they became partners in the development of the industrial economy and national investment in accordance with the 2030 vision launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and they have contributed to the rise and inspiration of the future of investment in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Zamil pointed out that Saudi women, over many decades, have proven that they are able to manage and implement various international experiences in the field of industry and mineral wealth, indicating that the ministry has also been keen to empower and support medium and small enterprises in cooperation with the General Authority for Medium and Small Enterprises for both young men and women, and to provide Facilities to produce and manufacture local products that compete with international factories, as the ministry believes in the great role of entrepreneurs.


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