Depression is worsening in Lebanon … and nerve medicines are missing


“The life that the Lebanese are living is the worst in the world.” This finding, reached by a Gallup report, is not surprising, that is, Lebanese. Only 4% of Lebanese describe their lives as “thriving,” which is the worst Gallup result of any country.

With a situation like this, it is no longer surprising that depression is the daily companion for any Lebanese, and that it is accompanied by the demand for nerve-calming drugs that have run out of the market, with talk about the possibility of removing subsidies on medicine, similar to other necessary medicines that have also run out, such as medicines for cancer and chronic diseases. He told “Asharq Al-Awsat”, the head of the Pharmacists Syndicate, Ghassan Al-Amin, who mentioned that the percentage of nerve drug consumption increased by 20% from 2015 to this year.

Clinical psychologist Rania El-Bobo says that the increase in the consumption of nerve medications is understandable in the current circumstances. “The Lebanese citizen is tired of talking about solutions and lost hope in finding them, so he resorted to analgesics to calm his emotions, and this is related to the fact that the future is unknown.”

On the political level, the House of Representatives unanimously voted to approve criminal scrutiny, returning the ball to the goal of the resigned government, and representative sources told “Asharq Al-Awsat” that the government is supposed to put in place the legal mechanism to implement it, and to contract with an alternative company to “Alvarez and Marsal”, which canceled the contract With the Ministry of Finance, after it was unable to obtain the necessary documents and financial documents.
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