Deploying British forces to protect the Saudi coast will not change anything


A member of the Houthi political bureau, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, said that Britain’s deployment of forces to protect the Saudi coasts would not change the matter, nor add anything.

Al-Bakhiti pointed out that Britain and the United States are part of what he described as “the aggression against Yemen.”

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Al-Bukhaiti warned foreign oil companies not to stay in Saudi Arabia, and also warned shipping vessels not to pass through the Kingdom’s ports, and said that all facilities in it have become a legitimate target for Houthi attacks.

In turn, the head of the Houthi delegation to the negotiations, Muhammad Abd al-Salam, said in a tweet on Twitter that “neither American nor British weapons nor any force capable of providing an umbrella for the protection of the Saudi aggressive regime, but by stopping the aggression on Yemen and lifting the blockade, the kingdom will regain its lost security. Aggression. ”

For its part, the US National Security Council strongly condemned – in tweets on Twitter – the Houthi attacks this week on civilian targets in Jeddah and Al-Shuq in Saudi Arabia.

The council added – in another tweet – that the Houthis’ ignoring the calls of the United Nations for a ceasefire and dialogue destabilizes the region and harms the people of Yemen, considering that the Houthis “want to tear apart Yemen, not unite it.”

In response to the US National Security Council statement; Muhammad Abd al-Salam said that there could be no cease-fire as long as Washington continues to support what he called the “coalition of brutal aggression.”

He added that the talk of the Houthis not responding to calls for a ceasefire mislead the public opinion.

Abd al-Salam also said that establishing peace and security in the Arabian Peninsula requires first stopping what he called “aggression” and lifting the siege on Yemen.

Yesterday, The Independent newspaper reported that the British government had deployed its forces in Saudi Arabia to defend the oil fields, without the knowledge of Parliament and the British public, in a move that the opposition parties said lacked a “moral compass.”

The British newspaper quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying that the oil fields in Saudi Arabia are “a very important economic infrastructure”, and that guns from the 16th Royal Artillery Regiment are needed to help defend against drone strikes.

The Ministry of Defense spokesman said that in the wake of the September 14, 2019 attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia; His country has discussed the matter with international partners to strengthen defense of oil installations from air threats.


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