Departure of the “New Wave” icon in French cinema Nelly Kaplan


On Thursday morning, death in a Geneva hospital, at the age of 89, is the French filmmaker and feminist Nelly Kaplan, who was considered a symbol of the “New Wave” and one of her most prominent films, “La Fiancee de Berat” 1969.
Francois Martinet, who has interviewed her for years, told Le Caix du Cinema that she accompanied her life partner, French actor and producer Claude Makovsky, to Geneva, where he died last August of Parkinson’s disease.Kaplan has since stayed in an elderly shelter, where she was infected with the Coronavirus that led to her death.

Nelly Kaplan, from a Russian family, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the age of 22, and began her film career with director Abel Gans, with whom she collaborated for about 10 years.

Kaplan loved literature, especially poetry, and was romantically linked to a number of writers, including Philip Sobo and Andre Bruton. And she had pornographic writings that were censored.

Kaplan is best known for the movie “La Fiancee de Berat”, the fiancée of the pirate, which was chosen among the films eligible for the 1969 Venice Film Festival, in which the main role was played by actress Bernadette Lavon.

Other films she directed include “Papa Le Petit Bateaux” 1971, “Nia” 1976, “Charles-et-Lucy” 1979, “Pat de Foulour” 1985, and “Pleasure Damour” 1990, in addition to documentaries about a number of artists. And celebrities, such as Victor Hugo, and Pablo Picasso.


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