Daikin appoints a new Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Middle East and Africa


Daikin, the global company specializing in the creation and provision of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and cooling products and solutions for residential, commercial and industrial facilities, has announced the appointment of Masaki Miyatake as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Daikin Middle East and Africa.
Miyatake joined Daikin as a sales engineer in Japan more than 30 years ago, then was promoted to the position of Project Sales Manager due to his great efficiency and outstanding performance in carrying out his work tasks, and his qualitative contribution to promoting the company’s growth and expanding its business. In 2017, Miyatake moved from Japan to “Daikin Europe”, headquartered in Belgium, where he worked as General Manager of the Applied Business Division, to join, last July, “Daikin Middle East and Africa”, which is based in Dubai.
Miyatake led a team of multi-award winning employees developing a modular inverter heat pump coolant in Japan. This innovative product won the Energy Saving Grand Prize for the year 2017 in addition to the Head of Energy Conservation Center award.
“As part of our endeavor to expand into the main markets in the region, we will open new branches, sales offices and maintenance centers, in addition to introducing innovative products to reach the largest number of customers,” said Mayatake. In parallel with these steps, we will enhance the robustness and flexibility of the business structure, develop horizons for cooperation with our existing partners, and launch new partnerships with the most prominent players in this sector, which will contribute to increasing sales. As for the internal level, we will initiate more programs and initiatives for human resource development, capacity building and skills development, and we will take all steps to enhance the capabilities and competence of our employees in line with our vision of ensuring the highest levels of indoor air quality and providing comfort and well-being by providing integrated systems to control the climate of buildings. With better performance and less energy resource consumption.

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