Cultural / “Tolerance” … a strategic goal of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Rabi` al-Awwal 24, 1442 AH, corresponding to November 10, 2020 AD, SPA
The King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue consolidates the principle of tolerance, through its various activities, initiatives, programs, and meetings, in order to reach a coexistent, tolerant and cohesive society.
The attention paid by the Center to this value comes as a continuation of the Kingdom’s long journey in spreading tolerance as a way of life and a principle that unites human beings, which draws its roots from the authentic Saudi customs and traditions, and the tolerant Islamic values ​​that call for the promotion of security, stability and tolerance among all human societies of all nationalities, ethnicities and religions And their cultures and political and cultural affiliations to form a single fabric against all that threatens their cohesion and cohesion.
Since its establishment in the year 1424 AH, the Center has organized many events, programs and projects, whether through its headquarters in Riyadh, or through its branches, or its supervisors spread in various regions of the Kingdom, as these events included many forums, conferences, seminars, sessions, lectures, evenings and workshops. In addition to implementing many training programs, art exhibitions, introductory corners, and discussion cafes, which aim behind them to consolidate and enhance the culture of tolerance and instill these great values ​​among all spectrums of society to embody their human meanings with sophistication and attendance inside and outside the Kingdom, in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.
The center’s celebration of the International Day for Tolerance, which falls on the sixteenth of November of each year, comes through organizing many meetings, forums, programs and seminars, in addition to its participation in the work of the World Tolerance Summit in the United Arab Emirates, the most prominent of these events and signing a memorandum of understanding with the International Institute for Tolerance, being The first global event of its kind that addresses issues of tolerance, peace and equality among people in all walks of life, regardless of differing political views and cultural and religious backgrounds.
In the field of studies, research and indicators, the center, represented by the Studies and Research Department, completed the first indicator of tolerance of its kind in the region, which showed that 82.2 percent
Saudis are tolerant of those who disagree with them religiously, socially, culturally, economically and politically.
The index, which was conducted on the basis of scientific research and field studies conducted by the center, aims to identify the level of tolerance in the Kingdom and to promote and spread its values ​​among citizens, and clearly reflects the interest that the Kingdom attaches to issues affecting tolerance, brotherhood and coexistence. Where it was built using the best foundations, standards and practical approaches, as well as access to the best international practices and experiences, in a way that contributes to enhancing the values ​​of tolerance, dialogue, coexistence and protecting the societal fabric.
The center also launched a short film entitled “Tolerance is from us and in us”, in which it shed light on the value of tolerance, love and mutual respect between everyone who lives on the land of the Kingdom, and the film dealt with different pictures that highlight the extent of tolerance and coexistence among all its sects, and the extent of their respect and acceptance of those who disagree with them under official patronage. A tolerant, generous and hospitable people is proud of the great diversity among the millions of residents on its land from different countries of the world, in great hospitality and great tolerance, as a tolerant society with others, open to the world, interacting and dealing with everything and accepting it without discrimination.
The Center has also issued many books and publications, and has made many partnerships and agreements with many ministries, government agencies and community institutions, to promote the values ​​of tolerance, to become the way to live within a cohesive and cohesive society.
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