Crises “besieged” Lebanon before confronting India


The Asian qualifying matches were often like a Lebanese outing, as the national team was adept at dropping its opponents, which seemed natural in light of the talent boom that Lebanese basketball had known for quite a while, which made a big difference between our team and the other competing teams in our surroundings.But the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the country and, consequently, basketball, which has been absent from the sports arena for more than a year, as there is no championship, no national team, not even a sufficient number of clubs to think about launching the league. Next, somewhat different.
This talk comes from the requirements of the negative public, which is always expected of its team to win victories and make a show and impose itself as a strong team in every match, not only in official matches or in the big tournaments in which it used to play big roles in it.
Today, however, the situation is very different, and this is a clear matter when reading the Lebanese squad that moved to Bahrain to play the aforementioned two matches within the “second window” of the continental qualifiers. Today, we must think that we do not expect much from a national team whose members have stayed away from matches and competitions for a long time, which has negatively affected their psyche and morale, which one of them says is at its lowest levels.
Another important point to add to this talk is the unexpected blow that took place as soon as our team settled in Manama, which undoubtedly distracted some from the two upcoming matches, and left worries about the coming period, its shape, and the way to deal with it to heal open wounds and start a repair process that the team undoubtedly needs. .

We shouldn’t expect much from a national team who have been away from matches for a long time

It is true that the two matches are not supposed to create a problem for Lebanon in this round of qualifying, as the innate talent of our players must make the difference against India and Iraq, in addition to their great desire to return to the feeling of competition. All issues add to their basic motivation as well, which is the ambition to present themselves to the scouts and interested parties, hoping to receive external offers after the financial situation of most of them deteriorated and their contracts were frozen by virtue of the failure to start the tournament, which is the fuse that ignited the crisis, as they say, not long ago.
If more than a year without a sense of matches, it will definitely play its role negatively, which means that the primary dependence will be on the rush of young players who have recently increased in the national team, in parallel with some exceptions for those with experience whose presence seems necessary, especially in this critical period, which can be considered a transition after « Fadi Al-Khatib’s stage »and other stars have left the international arena.
So there is no harm in saying that we are not supposed to expect or demand a technically high level of play, rather it is better to look at the effort that each player will provide, and it is more likely that he will be individual rather than collective due to the inability to create complete harmony in a short period. The technical staff led by Joe is not envied. Mujaez and his assistant Gad Hajj.
However, several positive points are also recorded on the technical side, as the arrival of the focal point player Itter Majok is more important than ever, as it is a paramount need for the team in this particular period, given that he was one of the active players in recent months, where he played with the Union of Monastir. Tunisian before moving to the Qatari Arab. And the presence of Majok is important under the basket after the unfortunate departure of the players who would have secured the required volume under the basket, such as Daniel Fares and Charles Tabet who moved away from the game to take care of their own work, which unfortunately withdrew to the two young men Gerard Hadidian, who was at the center of the founding stage of a new team, and Elie Chamoun who walked In a major development in the recent period before the game was suspended.
We can also rely on the readiness of Araji, who has been active with the Qatari north, Ali Haider, who played with Manama, Bahrain, and Karim Ezzedine, who plays in the second division in France with the “Paris Basket Ball” team.
This is at a time Sergio Darwish will appear for the first time after his reputation in Lebanon long ago preceded him due to his brilliance in the University League in the United States of America, and if he did not compete in any official matches since the conclusion of the aforementioned tournament between March and April, his presence in the gaming industry center would be beneficial Very within the expected direction of the two matches against India and Iraq, where it is expected that the fast game will be the strongest weapon for our team in front of teams that are supposed to be slower than it, and do not have players of the same level in terms of rebounding, unlike Lebanon, which can maintain this pattern throughout the match, at least with the presence of Darwish and Irakji And Ali Mansour.

Hanging lessons to support the national team
The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Tariq Al-Majzoub, issued a statement on Thursday evening announcing the suspension of lessons during the matches of the Lebanese national team in the Asian Cup basketball qualifiers, in order for students to forget to follow the team’s matches and support it. The statement read:
“To encourage the Lebanese national basketball team in its matches within the 2021 Asian Basketball Cup, and in view of the importance of this entitlement at the national level, and since these matches will take place on Friday November 27, 2020 and Sunday November 29/2020, therefore, the work of learning is suspended. Remotely in schools, high schools and all public and private institutes during the match period, starting at twelve noon on Friday November 27, 2020, so that members of the educational family and students can follow these matches.

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