Coronavirus infection spreads on a mink farm southwest of Paris


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                The Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Environmental Transport in France announced, on Sunday, for the first time, that cases of Coronavirus were recorded on a mink farm located southwest of Paris.  The two ministries reported the issuance of an order to execute "all of the approximately one thousand animals that are still present and to remove the products issued by these animals."

                                    <p>The Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Environmental Transport have ordered the culling of about a thousand animals on a mink farm in southwestern Paris, after monitoring <a target="_blank" href="المعهد-الوطني-الفرنسي-للطب-البيطري-يعلن-إصابة-هر-بفيروس-كورونا" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Corona virus exists among animals</strong></a>  for the first time.

The two ministries said in a statement that an order had been issued “to execute all the nearly 1,000 animals that are still present and to remove the products issued by these animals.”

Among the four farms that the country is preparing, there is one in which no injuries were recorded and “analyzes are still being conducted in the other two,” and results are expected to be released within the week.

Several European countries previously reported infections in mink farms, especially in Denmark, with the discovery of a mutated type of virus But also in the Netherlands, Sweden and Greece, while isolated cases have been detected in Italy and Spain. Cases have also emerged in the United States.

On Saturday, hundreds of mink farmers in Copenhagen demonstrated with their agricultural tractors to protest the government’s decision to kill all of these animals to combat a mutated version of the virus.

And the Danish Ministry of Health announced Thursday that a modified strain of the Corona virus discovered in mink animals had been eliminated in the country and raised concerns about the effectiveness of any vaccine in the future.

On Sunday, the French government stressed the importance of separation measures in this context as well, to protect the mink from infection by farm employees, but also as a precaution to avoid contact between animals that may be infected and the employees.

France 24 / AFP



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