Corona virus affects the Qatari stock exchange and inflicts heavy losses on it


The Qatari stock index fell to 3% during October due to the Arab boycott, the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the weak local business environment, and based on the Qatari Stock Exchange data, the general index declined by 3% or 299.370 points, so that the index reading stabilized at 9691.02 points, down from 9990.39 points in September.

The market value of the bourse lost 22.8 billion riyals (6.26 billion US dollars) in last month’s transactions, bringing the market value to 565 billion riyals (155.3 billion US dollars).

The market value of the 47 listed companies reached at the end of trading Thursday

Al-Madhi, about 587.8 billion Qatari riyals (161.5 billion US dollars), according to the trading data of the Qatar Exchange.
The companies listed on the Qatari local stock exchange did not recover from the repercussions of the Corona virus, as many companies achieved a sharp decline in profits during the third quarter of this year, in an indication of Doha’s failure to manage the health crisis, agencies.

The German company for medical supplies topped by 25.31% during last month’s transactions, followed by the second most declining company.

For development by 20.26%, then in third place, Enmaa Company, with a decrease of 16.13%.

And in the fourth place as the most declining company, the Dlala Brokerage and Investment Holding Company came with a decline of 15.23%, then in the fifth place came Mazaya Real Estate Development Company with a decline of 15%, according to official data.

At the end of last month’s session, the shares of 32 companies out of the 47 listed companies declined, while the shares of 15 companies rose, while no company recorded stability in October trading compared to the closing of last September.

The index of all real estate stocks led the decline in trading this week, by 12.4% to 1803.13 points, followed by the index of all industry stocks, with a decline of 7.4% to 2715.39 points, according to official data.


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