Corona virus … a study reveals “shocking” effects after recovery


A recent British study showed that nearly 70 percent of those surveyed had damage to one or more organs, including Heart and lungsAccording to the British newspaper “Daily News”, Monday.

Assistant Professor Amitava Banerjee, from University College London, 25 percent of Coronavirus patients have had two or more organ damage after they recovered from the infection.

The study indicated that some patients experienced symptoms of fatigue, muscle pain, and headaches caused by organ damage.

The study, whose preliminary results appeared in late October, revealed that Heart damage It was most common to me Covid-19 patients Caused by the Coronavirus, and this effect appeared on 39 percent of them.

The doctors in charge of the study said body parts were damaged as a result of the inflammation caused by the reaction immune system To fight infection, which is difficult for many patients to overcome.

Doctors emphasized that “only time” will determine whether this damage to some organs will heal after a short time or will it be a permanent problem for patients to cope with.

But the doctors who conducted the study advised people to follow Healthy lifestyle, Because they found that people with a higher BMI, i.e. those who are obese, are more at risk Organ damage.

More than 60,000 Britons are believed to be affected by long-term symptoms caused by: Coronavirus infection, Including fatigue, shortness of breath and pain.


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