Corona vaccines will not substitute for the muzzle!


After the world was optimistic about the imminent elimination of the Corona virus following the discovery of anti-vaccines, an Italian virologist at the University of Milan confirmed that the innovation of vaccines does not mean that we will be able to abandon the preventive measures.

“We must keep wearing masks as a precaution, because we may be one of the people who did not acquire an effective immune response,” said Fabrizio Breliasco, in an interview with Italian radio on Friday, “as a minimum”, according to what was quoted by the news agency “Aki”. Italian.

Priliasco called for “not to be overly optimistic,” noting that “the effectiveness of vaccines is not complete,” as well as the fact that vaccines will not solve the health crisis overnight, but “it will take several months to reach targeted coverage of 60-70% of the most vulnerable groups.” In the process of vaccination, and in order to achieve this result, it is necessary, in his opinion, not to rush to give up the masks.

As for the health status, in light of the recent preventive measures, I consider that the latter has begun to bear fruit in Italy, at least, and that the death rate when it begins to decline is the last indicator that confirms and confirms the signs of the epidemic’s decline.


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