Corona .. Putin inaugurates a drug factory for treatment, and the procedures varied between closure and easing in Europe and America


Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated a drug factory to treat Covid-19 disease, at a time when the country is recording record numbers of injuries and deaths, amid differences in closures and mitigation measures in Europe and America, the most affected in the world.

During the opening ceremony, Putin said that the factory will produce medicines for “Covid-19”, as well as drugs used to treat tuberculosis, diabetes, hepatitis and other diseases.

Russia has witnessed a rise in the number of injuries since September. But the authorities have resisted imposing the lockdown, adopting specific measures in certain areas.

Russia recorded a record high of 25,478 new cases of Coronavirus today, Thursday, and 524 deaths in the past 24 hours, and these are the highest numbers recorded since the beginning of the outbreak.

Corona virus has infected more than 60 million people in the world since the start of the epidemic, while about 1.4 million people have died.

And the United States is the country most affected, with 262,80 deaths, followed by Brazil (170,769), India (134,699) and Mexico (102,739).

Putin participates in inaugurating a drug factory to treat Covid-19 and other diseases (Reuters)

American court

And in the United States most affected in terms of infections and deaths from the Coronavirus, the US Supreme Court, on Wednesday, prevented the governor of New York State from imposing restrictions on places of worship against the background of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic that causes Covid-19 disease, in a decision seen as coming within the framework of defense Freedom of worship.

The epidemic caused great tensions between the Democratic New York mayor and the Hasidic community in New York, accused of not respecting the rules of social distancing, and the dispute sparked sometimes violent demonstrations last month in New York.

And because of Corona, the American celebrations of the so-called “Thanksgiving Day” were confined to the gathering of families through video at dinner tables, which were topped by turkeys (turkeys).

And the United States, on Wednesday, on the eve of Thanksgiving, recorded the death of more than 2,400 people with the emerging corona virus within 24 hours.

Covid-19 infections that are being treated in hospitals in the United States reached a record level of 88,000 yesterday, Wednesday, and experts warned that Thanksgiving Day could significantly increase the death toll, which exceeded 260,000 nationwide.

Different European measures

In Germany, the authorities announced the extension of measures to combat the new Corona virus, calling not to take ski holidays in Europe until early next year, while other countries, led by France, gradually relaxed the restrictions with the approach of Christmas.

“We still have to make efforts … the number of daily injuries is still at a very high level,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday, Wednesday, at the conclusion of a meeting that lasted more than 7 hours with the governors of the country’s 16 provinces.

Under the decision, issued on Wednesday, bars, restaurants, cultural venues and sports clubs will remain closed until early next year. Even the stores that will remain open during this period will be subject to strict restrictions in terms of the maximum number of people allowed to receive them, according to the size of each of them.

But neighboring Austria is intending to go the other way. It plans to open ski stations during the Christmas holidays, bearing in mind that Germany considers the epidemiological situation in its neighbor of concern.

Europe began to reap the results of its tight lockdown, and France announced, on Tuesday, to gradually ease restrictions as Christmas approaches.

In Britain, the country most affected by the epidemic in Europe, with more than 55 thousand deaths, the disease has had major repercussions on the sectors of aviation, tourism, distribution, restaurants, nightlife and even sports halls.

England will return, after a 4-week closure, in early December, to a strategy of adapting it according to the local situation, with the reopening of non-essential stores, and the resumption of mass and marriages, provided that it is accompanied by a large program of detection checks.

A vaccine is on the horizon

In the United States, officials are keen to reassure the public by saying that vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 will start soon.

Officials confirmed that the massive logistical arrangements to distribute millions of doses of the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine are ready, and that they expect to distribute 6.4 million doses of doses as soon as they receive approval from the expected US Medicines Agency in less than 3 weeks.

Spain announced that it will start the vaccination campaign in January, with priority given to the elderly in nursing homes most affected by the epidemic, as well as to the employees of these homes.

In France, the priority will be “for the most vulnerable persons”, without being mandatory as of the end of next month.

Austria, which is under lockdown, is also planning to start a vaccination campaign from January for the people most at risk of contracting the disease, including retirees and medical staff.

In Japan, which has remained relatively untouched by the large spread of the disease, Tokyo has urged residents to avoid unnecessary exit, and has called on shops that sell alcohol to close an hour earlier than usual, while the number of infections is increasing in the country, as local authorities announced Wednesday.

In Pakistan, the authorities announced the closure of schools and the postponement of examinations in an effort to curb new infections with the Coronavirus, and the increase in the number of cases who are subject to hospital treatment for Covid-19 disease.

In Palestine, Minister of Health Mai Al-Keela announced today the registration of 1906 new injuries and 18 deaths during the past 24 hours.


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