Corona … more than half a million infections in the world within 24 hours



The World Health Organization stated that the number of confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus in the world has exceeded 59.4 million, after increasing by more than 527,000 cases within 24 hours.

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The World Health Organization warns of a third wave of Corona in Europe at the beginning of next year

According to recent World Health Organization data, the number of deaths increased by about 10 thousand, surpassing 1.4 million people.

As of the evening of November 25, the World Health Organization had received data on 59 million and 481,313 injured, one million and 404542 deaths, and that increased the number of injured by 527,326, and deaths by 98,989.

The maximum daily number of injured people was recorded on November 14, and was 668,656, and deaths on April 17, with 12,432 cases.

It is noteworthy that the statistics of the World Health Organization take into account only officially confirmed information about cases of injuries and deaths provided by countries.

More than 41% of the reported infections in the past 24 hours are concentrated in the European region (216,464), followed by North and South America (208,227) and Southeast Asia (54,834).

The most confirmed cases in the United States have been recorded at 12,276,834. It is followed by India (9,222,216), Brazil (6,087,608), then Russia (2,162,503), France (2,115,778), and then Spain (1,594,844), Britain (1,538,798), and Italy (1,455. 022), Argentina (1,374,631), Colombia (1,254,949), Mexico (1,049,358), and finally Peru (961,320).

Source: TASS


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