Corona kidnaps two doctors … ‘their condition rapidly deteriorated and their loss was great’


Since yesterday, the Bekaa is covered by a cloud of sadness, after two doctors lost his sons the same day. Doctors Khalil Saif al-Din and Zafir al-Mita are two new soldiers who are lost by the medical sector, which has lost, to date, dozens of its members who are standing in the front lines facing Corona and sacrificing their lives in order to save society from the deadly virus. Despite the human losses incurred by the nation in general and the medical sector in particular, we still come across those who are despising their lives and the lives of everyone around them and underestimating the epidemic, refusing to surrender and accepting the simplest conditions of prevention that can protect everyone.Dr. Zafer Mita (64 years old) did not suffer from health problems, but was always keen to follow a healthy lifestyle, and he did not smoke or follow any of the harmful habits that could increase the risk of complications from Corona, according to what Mrs. Nisreen Mita, his brother’s wife, explains. It is noteworthy that despite all the measures he took and his keenness to adhere to the treatment protocol and techniques that could help improve the condition and confront the disease, due to his awareness of it, his condition rapidly deteriorated until he died without the doctors being able to save him. “When he felt symptoms of the disease, he rushed to conduct an examination at his home, while he asked a nurse to conduct an examination for him at home so as not to risk spreading the infection to others. His condition was good at the time except for acceptable shortness of breath.”

In the first days, the condition of Dr.Mita was not bad, and the symptoms were mild, and he was keen to take all the vitamins that help strengthen immunity, which are usually prescribed to Corona patients. This is in addition to following a healthy diet to help him recover faster. But when he felt excessive shortness of breath, he asked to bring him oxygen to the house, to consider him a doctor and was fully aware of all the measures that could be taken from the home. Then he felt a lot better, seemed to be recovering, and was able to get out of bed.

But as is the case with many Corona patients, an improvement in the condition can appear and then return and deteriorate. This is what he was exposed to, according to what Mrs. Nisreen explains, indicating that he was admitted to the hospital when he suffered from excessive shortness of breath, even if he was in good condition until that moment and was walking on his feet. In the hospital, he was subjected to the treatment protocol usually approved in the event of a corona infection, he was given blood thinners, and despite his response to the treatments that were given to him, such as plasma and Remdesivir treatment, and the appearance of an improvement in his condition and in his oxygen levels, he died after suffering a lung stroke, according to what his treating doctor explained to His family grieving this great loss.

Today, the family is experiencing conflicting feelings between its pride in Dr. Meta, who contracted the virus while performing his humanitarian duty, and the great sadness of his loss in such circumstances, as it is likely that he caught the infection while serving in the Ablah barracks, where the risk increases in the medical examination and the contact that occurs despite the procedures Preventive taken. Of course, this applies to everyone in the medical sector while carrying out his humanitarian tasks, as he stands in the front rows in facing the epidemic.

Dr. Khalil Muhammad Saifuddin (63 years) or “the doctor of the poor” as he is known to have caught the Corona infection while examining his patients, who was keen to receive them at any time in his clinic, according to what his son Muhammad explains. “The door to his clinic was open to everyone at any time, and he did not refuse to receive any patient. He had a high human sense that everyone witnessed.”

When symptoms of the disease began to appear on Dr. Seif El-Din, he performed a PCR examination and the result was positive, but his condition did not require hospitalization. Rather, the situation was acceptable and the symptoms were mild, such as high temperature and mild shortness of breath. However, his condition rapidly deteriorated within two days, and he was transferred to hospital, where he was admitted directly to intensive care due to severe shortness of breath. Note that the doctor did not suffer from any health problem, according to what his son explains, and he was not a smoker, but he followed a health system, but was suffering from obesity.

For the first few days, the doctor responded to the treatments and his condition improved after providing him with oxygen. He was even transferred to a regular room in the Corona department of Rayak Hospital in the Bekaa. But within two days, his condition returned and deteriorated, and he was re-admitted to intensive care, as he no longer showed any response to the treatments. Even the severe inflammation in the lungs prevented him from responding to the levels of oxygen that were given to him until he reached a point where he became unable to accept the oxygen system. As a result of the severe deterioration in his condition, and his inability to tolerate oxygen because his lungs were not able to absorb these rates that are set for him, the doctors took a decision to anesthetize him and put him on a breathing machine. With heartburn, his son describes the last scene that the doctors reported to them when his father could not bear until he removed his breathing apparatus until he gave up his soul less than 10 days after his infection with the virus.

The “Doctors Gathering” had mourned the two doctors, Zafer Meta and Khalil Saif al-Din, in a statement, as “martyrs of humanitarian duty in the face of Corona, and they rose during the performance of their noble humanitarian professional mission to save the lives of citizens, so they lost their souls on the altar of sacrifice, in the front health lines.” The “Doctors’ Association” renewed its demand from the Doctors Syndicate in Beirut and Tripoli, the Ministry of Health and the government to provide financial compensation to the families of martyred doctors and their families, in appreciation of their efforts and efforts in community service. He also called for the erection of a memorial to “the brave and heroic colleagues in the courtyard of the doctor’s home, in honor and remembrance of them.”

The Medical Doctors Syndicate also mourned in a statement, and called on the medical and nursing sector to take utmost caution, caution and preventive measures to avoid catching infection while performing the duty. It called on hospitals to provide all necessary procedures and measures for doctors and health workers to reduce the number of injured. In addition to its request to the state and the official authorities to allocate part of the seizure minutes to violators of the procedures imposed for medical and nursing staff that treat Corona patients.


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