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In a preparatory meeting ahead of the upcoming meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, the heads of government of German states agreed to follow unified rules of social distancing during the celebrations of Christmas (Christmas) and New Year’s Eve.

The agreed draft decision, which news agencies obtained a copy of today, Tuesday (November 24, 2020), included permitting family gatherings at Christmas celebrations after the fear that distancing measures would overthrow family meetings on the most important religious occasion celebrated by the Germans.

However, the draft restricted the ceiling allowed during family meetings with family members or other persons from outside the family to ten members in each meeting, during the period between December 23 and January 1 next, which is the period that coincides with the celebrations. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In the draft, children under the age of 14 were excluded from the rule on the maximum number of family meetings.

The heads of government of German states have appealed to citizens to conduct home self-isolation so that things do not get out of control, which may “force officials to take more painful measures,” according to what Amin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia (West) said in an interview with TV Channel Two (ZDF) Monday evening.

It is noteworthy that until the second of next month, a set of divergence measures were approved in Germany, including closing cafes, theaters, cinemas, swimming pools and sports halls, while maintaining schools. And there was discussion before the meeting of the states about the possibility of extending these measures until the end of the year.

It is expected that consultations will be held in this regard with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and members of her federal government tomorrow, Wednesday, with the aim of reaching unified measures at the national level and reversing what was the beginning of the spread of the pandemic.

This comes while the number of confirmed cases of the new Corona virus in the country by seven thirty in the morning, according to local time, reached 946,822 cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University of America and Bloomberg News Agency.

According to the same sources, the number of Corona deaths in Germany reached 14,460 deaths, while the number of people recovering from Covid-19 disease reached 630,375 people.

In parallel, the German “Robert Koch” institute recorded a slight decrease in cases of coronavirus infection compared to last week. The government institute announced 13,554 new infections in the past 24 hours, compared to 14,419 cases recorded last Tuesday. Last Friday, a record number of injuries reached 23,648.

With the start of this week, the numbers are declining regularly compared to the previous week. This is primarily linked to the decrease in the number of tests being conducted in general, according to the German Robert Koch Institute.



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