Corona drops … How does the virus live on surfaces and remain contagious for days?


And recently, a recent study found that the emerging corona virus that comes out with the spray of infected people can remain contagious and be transmitted across surfaces “for several days”, by transforming into a microscopic form that resembles a “pie”, according to what two professors specializing in computer models and physics revealed.

Professors Amit Agrawal and Rajneesh Bardwaj at the Indian Institute of Technology stated that they used computer and physics models to understand how droplets containing the Corona virus could spread the disease.

The two scientists found that drops containing the virus settle on surfaces and can remain contagious for several days, based on their theory.

The study says that “despite the evaporation of the water in the Virus Within minutes, and the microbe turns into a microscopic form, the virus lives in a protective layer of residual liquid. “

And she continued: “This layer is only one nanometer thick, and remains stable on the surface.”

وكشف Agrawal and Bardwaj that the virus may vanish completely, but that happens depending on the type of substance it settled on.

If “the droplets containing the virus fell on stainless steel or copper, the virus will live between 16 and 24 hours,” But it can live for more than 150 hours on polypropylene, 80 hours on glass. “

The two professors concluded their studies by saying that “these figures are based on experiments conducted in laboratory conditions and from.” It is actually less likely, as temperature and air movement change, which are reinforcing factors Evaporation“.


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