Corona … an upcoming vaccination campaign in the United States next month, and France is monitoring the virus on a mink farm


Today, Sunday, the number of new people infected with the Coronavirus has reached more than 58 million, and at a time when the United States expects to start giving vaccines on 11 or 12 December next, France detected for the first time the presence of the virus on a mink farm in southwestern Paris.

According to the “World Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring Corona statistics, confirmed cases of the virus around the world reached 58 million and 651 thousand and 345 cases at 18:00 Mecca time (15:00 GMT).

The number of people recovering in the world reached 40 million 603 thousand and 929, while the death toll reached one million and 389 thousand and 74 cases.

Coronavirus deaths in the United States have exceeded a quarter million (French)

Hardest hit

The United States is the most affected country in the world, as the rate of injuries is accelerating, reaching 12 million, 457,683 injuries, according to the latest figures, while the number of deaths reached 261,843.

For its part, the California Department of Public Health announced the registration of 15,442 new infections, which is more than two thousand more than the state record.

In the meantime, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a permit for the emergency use of the drug “Regeneron” to treat people with Corona virus, whose condition may worsen.

Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn said that the drug may spare patients hospitalization and ease the burden on the country’s health care system, as hospitals are witnessing an increase in the number of patients infected with the virus who need treatment.

Regeneron was in an experimental phase and doctors used it to treat US President Donald Trump while he was in Walter Reed Military Hospital.

For his part, the head of Trump’s team regarding the Corona vaccine, Moncef Al-Salawi, said that 70% of the population must be vaccinated in order for life to return to normal, indicating that the vaccination process may start from 11 or 12 December next.

Slaoui: 70% of the population must be vaccinated in order for life to return to normal (Reuters)

Continuous rise

In India – which ranks second in the world in terms of the number of injuries – the epidemic continues, with the number reaching 9 million, 107 thousand and 622 injuries, while the death toll reached 133,385.

As for Brazil, it has exceeded the barrier of 6 million injuries, and as for the deaths, it has reached 169 thousand and 16 deaths.

In France – the fourth in the world in terms of the number of injuries and the first in Europe – the number of injuries reached two million 127 thousand and 51 injuries, while the deaths reached 48,518 deaths.

According to the statements of the French government spokesman, the process of “easing” the closure measures imposed since October 30 in the country will take place in 3 stages, the first in early December, the second at the end of the end-of-year holiday, and the third at the beginning of January. 2021.

About 300 people with Covid-19 died during the past 24 hours, which is 110 less than the previous day, and the number of patients in intensive care rooms continues to decrease for the fifth consecutive day, according to French statistics published yesterday, Saturday.

France ordered the execution of about a thousand mink animals (communication sites)

Mink farm

Meanwhile, the French Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Environmental Transport announced for the first time the presence of the new Corona virus on a mink farm in southwestern Paris.

The two ministries said in a statement that an order had been issued “to execute all about a thousand animals still present and to remove the products issued by these animals.”

Among the four farms in the country, there is one in which no injuries were recorded and “analyzes are still being conducted in the other two,” and results are expected to be released within the week.

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the Corona virus (Reuters)

Tightening restrictions

For its part, the Portuguese government decided to tighten restrictions to limit the spread of the Corona virus, as it announced the closure of schools from Monday, November 30.

This comes while Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced yesterday that Italy, one of the countries most affected by the “Covid-19” pandemic, is planning to launch a massive vaccination campaign in January.

Speranza told a meeting of pharmacists that the vaccination campaign “will start at the end of next January, when we hope to get the first doses.” “This campaign will be without precedent … It will require an extraordinary mobilization.”

Germany will continue to extend general isolation measures (Reuters)

Wide procedures

In Germany, two senior German officials said today, Sunday, in statements that the country will have to extend its current measures to contain the Coronavirus pandemic to continue during the next month.

Germany imposed “general isolation measures” for a month, starting from the second of this month, to contain a second wave of the virus that is sweeping much of Europe, but the number of infections has not decreased.

In Iran, the authorities began implementing wide closures, including the closure of non-essential commercial establishments in many cities, in an effort to limit the outbreak of the new Corona virus, after the increase in infections and deaths in the past period.

The measures, which will last for a period of up to two weeks, include the complete closure of non-essential institutions in more than half of the country’s cities, most notably Tehran and the centers of the other 30 provinces.


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